Domaine Jean-Paul Schmitt presents their Rittersberg wines – Alsace rocks !

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Discover our Rittersberg wines – all biodynamic, from granit soil that gives the typical mineral touch!

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Estate Jean Paul Schmitt, Scherwiller, Alsace

On the slopes of Rittersberg (“mountain of the knights”), below the ancient Ortenbourg castle, Jean-Paul Schmitt tends his vineyards.

Our estate is officially certified for organic production – certified by Ecocert and since the harvest season 2015 certified by Demeter for biodynamic prodution. Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir grow in best granit soil. Fermentation of all wines by using our natural wild yeast only.

All typical Alsatian varieties of wines are produced in his large vineyard.

You are welcome to discover our wines during a wine tasting at our estate
located in front of the restaurant ‘Auberge de la Hühnelmühle’.

Jean-Paul Schmitt is producing wines at Scherwiller in the Alsatian region called Bas-Rhin. He nourishes the family owned wine estate, which consists of eight hectares, all as one piece, on the hillside called Rittersberg:  “the mountain of the knights“.

Come for a walk and pay a visit to this magnificent site, so quiet and peaceful.  You will be charmed by this vineyard that is dominated by the impressive and yet frightening ruin of the Ortenbourg castle (from 13th century).

The vineyard is exposed to south – southeast and benefits of a microclimate that is exceptionally hot and dry.  Its geological structure consists mainly of granite sand with different thickness (many large rocks show on the surface) mixed with granite pebbles (up to 65% in some sections).

This ground is relatively poor and demanding, and yet fertile – the vines are forced to get the power to grow by its well developed and deep growing root system. The work of Jean-Paul Schmitt is based on understanding and respect for this exceptional environment.

He forces himself to control the productivity (38 hl/ha in average) with a strict policy of a reasonable fight against illness in the vineyard as well as a biological battle against the diseases in the grapes.

Since 2009 the production is entirely organic, certified by Ecocert France.

This working attitude can be found in the actual production of the wine that respects the value of the soil.

Only the best quality grapes are manually harvested and then those grapes are pressed gently, with individual pressure in order to respect the vintage as well as the identity of each wine:

this wine-grower is making every effort to bring to perfection what nature created.

For the fermentation of our wines, we are exclusively using the natural yeast that is on the skin of our grapes to enhance all the typical flavors of each grape variety.


Our Rittersberg wines

Our Alsace wines are produced exclusively
on the slopes of the Rittersberg (Montagne des Chevaliers) in organic farming, certified by Ecocert and since 2015 in biodynamic farming, certified by Demeter:
Harvested exclusively by hand, fermented with our indigenous yeasts and without chaptalisation.

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Summer tasting of our new Rittersberg wines with Swiss wine critic Mr Yves Beck

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Our best Rittersberg wines: 2 x Magnum bottles – 2 x 75 cl bottles – all with 94 – 95+ point ratings



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