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Liquid compost



The Organic Compost by Domaine Jean-Paul Schmitt

Liquid compost produced by Domaine Jean-Paul Schmitt from organic and biodynamic ingredients.
Always interesting for other wine makers: we are pleased to share our experience with them.
making of liquid compost
In the laboratory of Duo Oenoligie, Châtenois, we are analyzing our liquid compost.

With the microscope we are counting the number of life bacteria in our liquid compost: we were counting

270 million bacteria per millilitre! This is a new record.

Duo Oenologie

All the tiny dark spots are actif bacteria, transforming rotten organic components in the soil of our vineyard to mineral fertilizer.

At the same time, we apply them to the leafes of our vines where they produce a covering film. The bacteria will fight against deseases of the vines and reinforce the self defense system of the plants. The vines can now fight against deseases like mildew etc.

Journalist David Lefebvre was the first to write an article on our liquid compost in 2007: ever since we improved the quality of our compost. From 2013 on we are using biodynamic ingredients to make our compost even more effient. David published a second article on our organic fertilizer in may 2013 in the magazine VITI.
David and Jean-Paul

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